About Nick

Nick has served in various ministry capacities, from volunteer positions to working as a senior pastor in his home state of New Jersey to youth work around the country. He has experience in running non-profit organizations, writing curriculum, discipleship, leadership training, speaking in various venues, and planning and hosting events.

Nick and his wife, Elise, met while studying at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, both graduating with Bachelor's degrees. They share a love for young people which has spurred them to seek out ministry opportunities working with youth groups.

Nick and Elise currently reside in Iowa where Nick serves as a student ministries pastor in the Hershey, Pennsylvania area. He works with both senior and junior high students, teaching at weekly meetings, leading events, and mentoring students and adults.

When he's not working, Nick enjoys reading, writing for his blog and various youth and ministry sites, speaking at events, and being outdoors, whether hiking, backpacking, or fishing. He loves sports and keeping up with the Philadelphia Eagles. He is also currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling with a Family and Marriage Emphasis, and hopes to bring this back into the church context to help students and families.

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