Nick is an open and honest communicator who loves to share from God's Word. He is passionate and insightful, and strives to unpack the Bible in an easy to understand manner. 

Nick is an engaging speaker who has spoken to all ages ranging from elementary students to adults from all walks of life. His practical approach to using Scripture in daily life helps to invoke interest and response to his teaching. He loves to use humor and stories to relate to his audience and is always looking to engage. 

You can find whole talks from his work in youth ministry here, and you can contact him at nickmance2586@gmail.com for booking information and pricing. Nick is completely open to working with you in regard to honorariums and would love to help meet the individual needs of your event. He is available to speak at retreats, youth events, chapels, school assemblies, or church services. He will work with you to craft his talks to your specific event and desired topic. 

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