Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well here goes nothing. This is the first time I am attempting to have a personal blog. I have written in blogs for churches and non-profits before, but never had my own. Recently I have been encouraged to undertake this new and exciting avenue in which to post my thoughts on a variety of subject matters. Elise has been a huge encourager and has been pushing me to put my thoughts paper, errr umm the computer that is, and to share my thoughts and passions. This first post is simply to let you all know I am here, and that I will be posting as regularly as I can. I will post thoughts about youth ministry, church, Christianity, important news, and whatever pops into my ADD wracked brain. Trust me this could get crazy. Hopefully some of you who read this will continue to come back and check in on my writings, but if not it is okay too. Well, that is it for now! I shall be back!

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